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Amazing Cedar Story

Cedar has a very long history of being a high quality commodity. The fragrance of "Cedar" wood is used to make chests, boxes, closets linings and many other items which enjoy the fresh deodorizing fragrance and incorruptibility.

Electric utilities and telephone companies string their lines on cedar polls because it does not rot. Also, termites and moths avoid cedar.

Over four generations deep into the valleys located between the Adirondack Mountains and the green mountains of Vermont, the island of South Hero is home to the historic Iodine Springs, the rarest springs on earth that produces natural Iodine Spring water. Our property which is loaded with towering northeastern cedar trees and overlooks a breath taking view of Lake Champlain.

Over time one of the grandsons who lived on the Iodine Springs estate began growing and selling north eastern cedar trees throughout New England. The customers could not resist the beautiful aroma of these cedar trees and the fact that the trees naturally repelled bugs and insects from their yards and houses.

Amazing Cedar Natural is made in Vermont from the boughs of a young Cedar tree. The oil is extracted, activated and blended with other all natural ingredients, then orchestrated to completion in our proprietary blend.

Our formula is so natural that it leaves no slimy oil or residue. With the first spray, you think of a floral spring day and then it immediately fades like a good nights sleep. Last for hours.

100% all natural, made with organic ingredients, our goal is to make the the most effective eco-friendly products on the market today.





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