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Complete Pet protection Kit Coming Soon!! Its now available (update)

Protect your home from your pet and your pet from everything else.

This kit gives you a unique set of products to care for your home and pet like never before. Wash - Spray - Clean
No matter what your situation (flea infestation), if you have a pet this is a must!
Wash - Cedar Wash! Apply - Lather - Rinse - Cedar oil cuts through odors, repels  ticks and fleas, and has been used to treat eczema and itchy skin. Coconut and olive oil is used for show dogs to keep coats shiny and nourishes. Neem oil is used by gardeners to repel and cause bugs not to eat or reproduce and by naturalist to treat eczema.
Amazing Cedar All Natural Pet Shampoo
Spray - Essential oil bug spray blends are great for repelling unwanted pests. A strong activated Cedar oil blend can help to deter ticks and fleas giving an extra layer of protection to your pet and your home.
Amazing Cedar Natures bug Spray - 
Clean - It's like getting a cedar chest in a bottle - cleaning with cedar will bring cleaning to another level. It is said that it cuts through the PH in bodily fluids (dog pee and feces), repel ticks and fleas, deodorizes even the worst of odors, breaks down grease, disinfects and more.
  • NATURE’S COMPLETE PET CLEANING KIT - Just Wash with Amazing Cedar Pet Shampoo, Spray with Amazing Cedar Bug Spray and Clean with Amazing Cedar All Purpose cleaner and get results like never before.
  • PET ANTI-ITCH SHAMPOO uses natural essential oils beneficial to skin.
  • SAVE A TRIP TO THE GROOMERS. Keeps your pet fresh and is a natural deodorizer.
  • ALL NATURAL CLEANER is a powerful stain and urine remover. Acts as a scent mask.
  • HEALTHY & CHEMICAL FREE and non-toxic keeps your pet safe and happy.
  • All 3 products repel Ticks and Fleas


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